Tian Liu

Tian Liu

Senior Planning Consultant

  • BPlan (Hons)
  • Graduate Member New Zealand Planning Institute

Tian graduated in town planning from the University of Auckland with honours and has experience across a number of Auckland development areas. He has successfully managed resource consents for a variety of projects, ranging from small scale single unit residential developments, residential additions and alterations and commercial retrofits to large scale industrial warehousing and factories, multi-unit residential development and school developments. Tian also has experience with managing resource consents for childcare facilities, rural development and redevelopment within special character areas, as well as submitting on notified applications for clients.

Tian’s significant experience with Auckland’s Unitary Plan can be utilised to benefit all Auckland clients and allows him to provide detailed due diligence assessments for land developers, architects and investors.

Tian is also a preferred supplier of planning expertise to Council providing advice and processing complex consent applications, including apartment buildings, commercial redevelopments, and additions and alterations to scheduled heritage buildings, as well as more standard consent applications for residential, commercial and industrial developments. Tian is also conversant with subdivision requirements, regional consent requirements and National Environmental Standards.

Tianhang Liu

我以优异成绩毕业于奥克兰大学城市规划专业。我已成功地为各种各样的工程取得了批准文件,范围从小规模的住宅, 业改造和开发, 到大规模的工业开发,多单位的住宅开发和建立新学校。我也有给托儿设施,田园开发和在历史特色区的工程取得批准文件的经验。

我可以利用我对奥克兰市政府的Unitary Plan的了解来帮助客户取得批准文件。我也可以帮助开发商,设计师和投资者做投资前的评估。

还经常审批提交到奥克兰市政府的申请文件, 其中包括很多复杂的工程,例如公寓楼房,商业重建和遗产建筑的改造。所以,我了解取得批准文章的所有要求,然后利用我的专业知识帮助客户尽快得到开发的批准文件。

如果你需要我的帮助,请联系我: tian@rms.co.nz  +64 (09) 377 4046.